Probably one of the last places you expect to find goats are in a tree. Here's Atlas Obscura on the Tree Goats of Morocco.

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P.S. @fitheach takes some of the blame for this post. :-)

@Fitheach @Kam-Yung Soh Indeed, I saw this while driving on a desert road between Marrakech and Essaouira in 2001. It was a rubber-necking moment that left me with a WTH question mark dangling over my head. I didn’t stop and check it out more closely because they were attended by a young man, and my Spidey scammer senses tingled. But it was yet another thought-provoking moment that made me realize just how poor the people must be that it would be lucrative to stand out in the desert hoping for someone to drive by and stop.

@alysonsee @sohkamyung
My first thought on reading the story was it might be a spoof like the spaghetti trees of Italy.

Glad to read that it is indeed true.

The other part of the story reminds me of "pooped coffee", otherwise known as Kopi luwak or civet coffee. I have to inform you that I've never had this coffee, as it is ferociously expensive (and that might not be the only reason).

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