You'll be familiar with the old meme, now updated for Brexit:

"...and if you believe that, I have a ferry service to sell you."

This just gets better and better.

Neither of Seaborne Freight's proposed ports, Ramsgate (England) and Ostend (Belgium) will be ready for Brexit date (March 29th).

So, the company with no ferries and no experience also have no ports. That hasn't stopped the UK government from purchasing the "service".

The UK government Department of Transport have terminted their contract with Seaborne Ferries, after Arklow Shipping withdrew support from the "ferry" company.

So, the ferry company with no ferries and no port also has no contract. Seems fair.

@fitheach It'll be interesting to see how they'll fake it till they make it on this one.

There is no hiding for Seaborne Freight for this proposed ferry service, the whole situation has been so well publicised. I can't see the ferry operating before the end of March.

I have seen reports that a major shareholder in Seaborne has made large donations to the Tory (government) party. Make of that what you will.

I just wonder how many Tories made money out of that little escapade.

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