Sexy forestry equipment
Komatsu Forwarder 865

Max speed: 13mph
0-60: Don't be daft
Passengers: 0
Weight: 19 tonnes
Price: ~£200,000

The Komatsu Forwarder 865 is an older model, introduced in 2012 and now discontinued.

This video shows a successor model, the 895, in operation. Note how quiet it is inside the cab.

The sun was mostly obscured by clouds, except for a patch above the mountain in the background. That gave nice colour on the mountain, but the forwarder was a bit dull.

Consequently, the subject might work quite well in monochrome.

What do you think?

Last experiment on this photo (I think).

I have re-colourised the mountain in the background as well as the Forwarder in the foreground.

Hmmm, I'm not sure about this experiment.

This is definitely the last experiment.

Everything is back to monochrome except for the Forwarder. This time I have boosted the saturation of the red channel to give the Forwarder more ooomph!

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Aha, a split decision by the judges. I'll need a casting vote. 😉

@gemlog @Fritillaria2
Monochrome takes the lead. 📷

I'm going to do some experimenting & tweaking on the photo.

Here is my first quickie experiment.

I have taken the monochrome image and only re-colourised parts of the Forwarder. My intention is to make the equipment standout.

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@fitheach @Fritillaria2 @inAktion
That totally works Iain! :-)
Not sure how you did it, but I used to achieve a similar effect in the Gimp by making two layers, made one b&w and then erased through the top one to the colour beneath. Kinda cool.

@fitheach @Fritillaria2 @inAktion
That's the same idea, yes. Way better explanation, obviously.

Aye, but you're explanation was fine for a 30 second social media post.

@Fritillaria2 @inAktion

You can colour it any way you like if I can have a turn driving it 😀

Less convinced by this one. Original and monochrome are both nice though.

You need to join the queue after me. Loading the logs looks fun, though I guess it would wear thin if you had to do it every day. Did you watch the video?

We had one operating near us last spring. They can traverse very steep slopes, even with a full load of logs. Quite impressive.

Just been watching videos of it in action.
Definitely an impressive beastie.

@fitheach it looks fine.
maybe i think that the Forwarder ist to present in front and let the Mountains in the Background not to be an aspekt of youre picture

I think you're right. The Forwarder needs to be the main subject of the photo.

One last experiment then...

It would only go faster if I paint some stripes down the side and hang furry dice from the rear view mirror. 😃

@crossgolf_rebel @inAktion @gemlog @Fritillaria2

Imagine what it would be like with one of those daft dustbin exhausts on it 😝
@crossgolf_rebel @inAktion @gemlog @Fritillaria2

The exhaust is fairly daft as it is, that is it in front of the windscreen.

Dustbin exhaust? I didn't know they were called that.

@crossgolf_rebel @inAktion @gemlog @Fritillaria2

Dustbin after the boy racer (chav in England) trend of fitting something huge for the look, each trying to out do the next.
The irony of course being that this would improve the look to the *detriment* of performance. But of course, it was never about being fast, just looking fast. 🤷‍♂️
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@fitheach I looked at the experiments first and then came back to the monochrome. It was a relief. I once had a phase trying to learn Photoshop (by using two tools badly). I had such experiments (a red routemaster behind monochrome Oldswinford Hospital School playfields, a red postbox in a black and white Worcester or Shrewsbury or somewhere. They looked cool for a while until I looked back. Same with my more extreme filter effects and split-tone Welsh skies in Lightroom. Cool shot though.

I've done photo techniques like this in the past.

I had been discussing photos of forestry equipment here a couple of weeks ago. I find photos of the big machinery fascinating. I come across them frequently when doing the dog walk.

I posted this photo and then thought: what could I do to improve it (there is no direct light on the subject)?

@fitheach Yeah. Looking at it was funny because I liked it, but there is a lot of depth to the shot. I knew that I would have tried to open up the aperture and shrink down the depth of field onto some of the forwarder, but that's because that is the one technique I ever think to use. I've seen something like that imitated in PS. Beyond that it's difficult to know how to foreground the forwarder so I get the experiment. Perhaps if it was a subtler shift of saturation it would work a touch better?

@fitheach Either way it's a nice one to play around with. I'm out of the habit of playing around digitally. Hope to get back to it soon - I have downloaded and looked at DarkTable which looks promising since I have missed PhotoShop Lightroom since moving from Mac. I've mainly been shooting on film.

I know a lot of people like DarkTable. I've never tried it myself.

I'm a big fan of RawTherapee for processing raw files and doing all the usual editing. Still use GIMP a lot, too.

In some ways I miss taking photographs with slide film, it was a different discipline. Sadly, my old OM4 was long since sold on.

@fitheach Ooh nice - I often go to gawp at the old film cameras in the centre of town but tend not to have the cash.. I have only used DarkTable a little so far. I use Gimp for some things and like it, but struggled with RawTherapee. I might have got used to it a little more but it tended to crash on both Mac and Linux. First thoughts, DT is great but I need to throw some more photos through it and don't have a digital workflow.

I've been meaning to do a write-up on my digital workflow, but haven't had the time recently. In basic terms:

* Import my photos to Received-Files (both from SD card & Bluetooth)

* Run my script over the files to rename and place them in correct date based directories.

* Tag images using Geeqie

* Selected raw files edited in RawTherapee & GIMP

* Finding images using my own GUI or Geeqie

* Backup using rsync

That is it!

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