Chocolate filled sprouts.

I'm presuming these aren't real Brussels Sprouts filled with chocolate. That would be just too gross.

My OH saw, and photographed, these in the supermarket today.

Obviously, not everyone as otherwise they wouldn't be left over from Christmas time.

On the other hand, assuming it is good chocolate, why not? People who don't like the veg might eat the chocolate version.

if they're like the snowmen then they are really mediocre. it still doesn't make sense in terms of marketing at all tho

My OH didn't buy them as we don't really eat chocolate. So, I don't know if they are any good or not.

Does the same company make chocolate snowmen?

I can kinda see the logic of the idea, as sprouts are very much associated as a veg to go with turkey. We already have chocolate Santas and reindeers. Maybe Lindt have these trademarked.

I'm only guessing off the packaging, the generic snowmen are packaged the same. how much were they?

The price was on the shelf, and that wasn't included in the photo.

I did an online search and lots of retailers are selling chocolate sprouts. For example, Iceland have 75g net for normal price £1, now reduced to 50p.

it seems to be pretty decent value then, thanks!

@fitheach Why? Oh why?
Or let me rephrase this:
No! Oh no!

I quite like the idea.

When I was a nipper my mother took me to a famous bakery in Dundee called Fisher & Donaldson. One of their specialities was tiny fruit made from marzipan. Really cute bananas, pears, apples, strawberries etc. Each was exquisitely shaped and coloured to look exactly like the fruit they were representing. They were a work of art and, even better, they tasted great.

These choccie sprouts aren't in the same league, but the idea is similar.

I'm delighted to say that Fisher & Donaldson's bakery still exists, and they are in their fifth generation of family ownership. They were established in 1919, so this is their centenary year.

Congratulations, Fisher & Donaldson.

@fitheach I am not sure I like the idea. Won't it put kids off vegetables if they look like that, but taste ... green? It might be ok as a joke (for adults), but still ... nah, I am not #TeamSchokoRosenkohl.

Ha ha! I like the hashtag 😃

The marzipan fruits never dissuaded me from eating the real thing. Sweeties made to look like fruits is a fairly common thing here, not sure it explains the high sugar intake by the population.

The Scottish Government are conducting a consultation about introducing hurdles for food with high sugar or fat content. Some have dubbed this a "fat tax" or "pudding tax". I don't agree with this approach.

@fitheach Why should we be treated like responsible adults if there is a government that can 'take care' of us ...

Is your comment requiring an irony emoji or am I mis-reading you?

I wish there was one.

I guess you wouldn't like our Minimum Pricing for Alcohol statute. The idea was that people are drinking themselves to an early death, so the state needed to intervene and set a minimum price per unit of alcohol.

@fitheach That's somehow different. I do not need to buy alcohol, but I do need to buy food. But what I get is not 'natural' anymore. Nowadays they even add sugar to carrots! Why?
So on one side they try to teach us what's good for us and what's not by increasing prices on sugary products or by putting this silly traffic light labelling on everything, but on the other side we get fed all that junk - often without being (made) aware of it.
Let me make my own decisions!

The principle is the same, isn't it? One doesn't need to buy a can of Irn Bru or a bag of Fudge Doughnuts, there are alternatives. In the same way it is nice to occasionally have a bottle of wine, don't need it, nice to have.

My preference would be proper labelling,so we know exactly what is in the stuff you buy. Currently, that doesn't happen. As you say we can all make our own decisions.

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