Just came across this photo when looking for something else.

It was in the dry-dock to get a fresh lick of paint, and it looked so cute. Shame about the stanchions, same on the other side.

The UL code means the boat comes from Ulapul (Ullapool) in the north west Highlands.

The boat is called "Defiance", I like that!

Fraserburgh is a big port and has many dry-docks. I spent a happy couple of hours walking around photographing boats in various stages of maintenance and repair.

Boat repair is fascinating. Who knew?


There is a sort of tramway system in Fraserburgh dry-dock which allows ships to be moved around. If you look closely at the photo you can see the ship is sitting on wheeled trucks. Workers then have much easier access to the ships.

Maintenance and repair work is therefore much easier, cheaper and quicker.

In this photo you can see some of the many ships that were lined up in the dry-dock area for repair work.

One of the most obvious activities was re-painting.

In a different part of the dry-dock area, all the ships were being re-painted.

Anyone that has ever re-painted their car will recognise what is happening in the photo below. All the corroded parts of the hull had been sanded down, prior to the new paint being applied. The sanded parts gives the hull a spotty appearance.

All the ships we have seen so far have been fairly small. However, there were some enormous fishing boats in Fraserburgh harbour, too.

The boat in the photo below wasn't one of the biggest, but it was right next to the quayside and easier to photograph. Human added for sense of scale. 😃

I'll end my wee excursion to Fraserburgh harbour by showing you one of the smallest, and yet probably the most important boat.

The "Willie and May Gall" is the Fraserburgh lifeboat. It is a Trent class lifeboat. It is only 14m long but is capable of 25 knots and a range of 250 nautical miles. It takes a crew of 6 and is designed to operate in the harshest weather conditions.

@fitheach - bit bigger than the fishing boats we see in Mallaig harbour...

The harbour area was enormous which was just as well as otherwise there wouldn't have been the space for these huge fishing boats.

Guess what? The smell was just the same as Mallaig. 🐟

@fitheach so who are Willy and May Gall? The Fediverse demands to know!

these photos are nice, thank you for sharing them with a story too

The light wasn't great that day and the subjects probably aren't very photogenic. However, I hoped the photos show something of an activity that very few people will have seen.

@fitheach we was in 2016 in Fraserburgh on the Campsite near this Dock

Was the campsite a bit noisy? They seemed to be working quite late into the evening when I was at Fraserburgh harbour.

@fitheach it was ok. You have lots of tunes about working with steel but we was often not at the Campsite over the day and came back in the evening

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