Oh, I see Demon Internet are going to be shut down.

I was never a customer, but they have been around since the early days and always had a good reputation.

@fitheach I was for quite a while; they were nice. I think it was demon who has the story from their early days of a rack falling through the floor after they had grown rather too fast!

Yeah, I guess for me it is just a nostalgic name from the Internet early days. I don't recall ever reading any bad comments about their service, which for dial-up is quite something.

42 Us plus the rack must be pretty heavy.

@fitheach I think I briefly had a dialup account back in the days of Freeserve et al. They were really well regarded back then.

Freeserve? We were with them for a while. They had a two hour connection limit. You could reconnect immediately, but it did interrupt what you were doing. I added a script to wvdial which started a countdown timer once connected. At 1 hour 58 minutes it played a tone as a reminder the connection would soon be terminated. Those weren't the days. 😃

@fitheach @jamie

I used to have Demon in the early 1990s, they weren't too bad for a few years but their capacity at British Telecom was repeatedly exhausted for months on end (constant equipment engaged tones).

ISTR that BT made a commercial decision it was more profitable to pay Demon compensation (i think they even gave them free racks of modems) and do the upgrades at *their* timescales, around the same time more competitors arrived and the market and ASDL and DOCSIS slowly appearing..

@fitheach @jamie

PS: I also remember a time around 1999/2000, where Freeserve had become consistently *more* reliable than Demon to the point I used it in preference until I got 512K DOCSIS via NTL around 2001 (I knew someone who worked there so got it earlier than others in the town).

I also had to discourage one of our kittens from disconnecting the telephone extension cables (when we got broadband he also disconnected LAN cables as an adult cat) 😸

@vfrmedia @fitheach Happy times. I remember dreaming about having an ISDN line before ADSL as a thing - or if I became ultra-rich, the holy grail of a T1 connection.

I've not looked at things like this for years. Back in the day T1 connections were hugely expensive.


@vfrmedia @fitheach Also remember fondly my first 256kb (might have been 512?) connection. Felt like lightning. No way I was ever going to need anything faster than that!

Demon was in Holland years ago a quality ISP imho. In Holland this week it was in the news that KPN will get rid of the brand name xs4all, and two other names 😩 #demon #xs4all
"Exclusive Vodafone has confirmed it will shutter Demon Broadband, the pioneering Iron Age ISP ... Demon wasn't the UK's first ISP, but it was one of the first consumer dial-up internet service that enthusiasts in the UK experienced – back when we were feverishly excited about Gopher."

@Ajz @fitheach

what is a bit worrying is I'm fairly certain I was looking at a useful website on an homepage quite recently (last few months).

What happens to all the content that is there, is anyone archiving it?

@vfrmedia @fitheach It is possible that the xs4all customer deleted it, or that the customer switched providers ? xs4all claims in a recent blog post (In Dutch lang.) that nothing will change for their customers. I find it unpleasant and unwanted that a former monopolist like KPN is able to buy so many other companies in the same league. Sad. #xs4all #kpn #ISP

@Ajz @fitheach

I don't think the homepage is currently deleted (I need to check my bookmarks which are on a different computer to where I am), but was wondering what will happen to existing xs4all homepages (there seem to still be quite a few).

The same issue exists in all of Europe, the old PTT has the money, resources and experience in the business to take over anything they please, and the independent companies own former bosses *want* to sell (they aren't being forced to do that!)

Yeah, both ISPs got bought out years ago. The new (ish) owners took their time to shutter the old brands.

I wasn't a XS4ALL customer either, but I do remember them opening up their network for the Arab Spring. The people running the business obviously had objectives other than just money.

I had a look at the Demon homepage ( and it is like visiting the Land That Time Forgot. Nothing has been updated since 2014, including the service offerings.

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