The army assault boots that I use for work purposes have developed a split, and need replaced.

I am considering a similar model boot that has a Gore-Tex lining. Can anyone recommend a particular brand? Does the Gore-Tex really keep the boots dry inside?


It took me a long time to resolve my boot requirement problem. In the end I decided against Gore-Tex lined boots. Instead I got a pair of Altberg Defender Combat Boots.

I will be wearing them for the first time on tonight's . Hopefully no blisters tomorrow.

Well, that was a revelation!

No question of any blisters (too short a walk anyway) as the new boots are really comfy. Each boot is ~720g, 230g lighter than my old assault boots, even though the new ones are lined. Amazingly, I can feel the weight difference.

Lower boot has fairly stiff construction, after the ankle, and up, the leather is really soft. Consequently, it felt like going for a walk in bedroom slippers.

Very early days, but I'm really liking the new boots.

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