We had yet another power outage, last night. It happened right in the middle of the .

I'm a bit concerned that the instant power loss might have damaged the projector. The projector normally has a shutdown procedure, which is initiated from the power-off button.

I'll find out tonight if the projector is OK.


Movie projector seems completely undamaged from the unexpected power loss.

We watched the remainder of the previous night's interrupted film and then watched a second one.

The second movie had one of the most shocking "murders" I have ever seen in .

More details on both coming soon.

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The snapshot below is from the second viewed last night.

The foreground includes the two leading stars of the film, sitting in a railway carriage.

Boy, that's travelling in style.

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@fitheach That's Gene Tierney! I had just been thinking last week about watching that movie again.


Wow! You recognised her from that screenshot, that's quite something. Write up for that film coming soon.

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@fitheach She's one of my favourites ^_^ Look forward to the writeup, even though I've seen it already.

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