Homemade crisps experiment.

Slice finely, 1 potato per person.

Wash of the starch and leave to dry.

Mix slices in a little oil, salt spices.

Overdid it a bit 8min at 750w microwave, but not bad!

Interesting experiment. Did you get them, erm, crispy?

They certainly look the part.

@fitheach yes, strangely they became crispier after I let them sit for moment, I think I'll try the next batch with a lower setting, 500w for longer.

Any reason for using a microwave rather than, say, an oven or grill?

@fitheach TBH I do not know, Since microwaves presumably heat the water in the food directly this might be an advantage in getting them crispy.

Just Learning by doing, I guess I'll try a batch in the oven some time.

I thought maybe you did it as there is less cleaning to do afterwards. 👨‍🍳

@fitheach Cleaning ovens is overated, after all, it can only take away from the flavour ;)

We have an Aga, the oven is self cleaning. 😃

@fitheach amazing story of how the Aga came to be. Really inspiring.


The fact that the Aga inventor lost his sight?

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@fitheach well, that he invented it _after_ losing his sight, forced to stay at home.

How old is your Aga?

It was converted to use kerosene in the 1970s, other than that it hasn't changed since 1947. As far as I am aware there have been no replacement parts required since the day it was made.

@fitheach pretty amazing! No wonder the Telford foundry went out of business.

In complete contrast to our wood burning stove which is *always* needing something. Oh yeah, I'm glad to be keeping one foundry in business.

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