Have you ever seen such a car?

Usually 2+2 style cars are sports models, whereas the one pictured looks more like a compact car. The rear seats could only be usable if the roof is open.

Looks cool.

The image comes from a 1943 film.

@fitheach The car looks surprisingly modern for 1943. The extra seats in the back are fun, but you better hope there's no rain coming. 😃

Those rear seats would hardly get any use here, you'd either freeze or get soaked. I also wonder what the buffeting would be like once the car got up some speed.

Still, it would be a cool car to have for summer time in the city.

Ah, they had some fearsome hat pins in those days.


Close but not the same. Saw this at the San Diego auto museum.

@smays @fitheach What's so special about a 2CV? A former neighbour is still servicing them

I'll bet the 2CV has a classic car following, just like Minis or VW campers.


Museum? I still see people driving them. 😃

In a way they were France's answer to the Volkswagen Beetle. They were/are spartan inside by modern standards, but fairly roomy. Unlike the car from 1943 they had plenty of headroom for both front and rear passengers.

I'd say the 2CV is a design classic. In that sense it deserves its place in a museum.

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