This Super Bowl thing, is it a huge cooking extravaganza?

At the very least, it’s a snacking extravaganza. If you like 7-layer bean dip, you would do well to become friends with American football fans.

OK, so I was feigning complete ignorance of the Super Bowl, but no pretence needed for 7-layer bean dip. Never heard of that before. The refried beans suggest a Mexican origin.

Still don't know why it is called the Super Bowl. The Vince Lombardi Trophy isn't bowl shaped.

Thanks for the assist. I caught on only after I finished my tall cup of caffeine. 😀

It is likely called a bowl because there are a series of post-season, elite-team, college football games called bowls. They get the name “bowl” because of the original one, the Rose Bowl, was named after the stadium, which, like most sports stadiums, is bowl-shaped. I am not a fan of American football or American overeating, but etymology is kinda cool.

I couldn't find an explanation of the name. The etymology was lost amongst all the other Super Bowl information.

I'm not fan of watching any sports, particularly one that goes on for hours. Though American football is nothing like as bad as cricket, which can go on for days.

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