It looks like this petition has been removed, as it is no longer available at the link I provided (shame). However, I did take a screenshot of the petition earlier today. 😃

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@fitheach Am I living in a parallel universe or has my dream to be an extra in an Alan Partridge episode come true ?

Normally, I'd like to say 'Well that's obviously a feckin' satirical joke poking fun at idiots or MP's but sadly I'm 100% convinced it is deadly serious and await the Daily Mail to pick up the story imminently'.

@fitheach Given NI voted 55.8/44.2% to Remain in the EU, I have started the petition for a United Ireland as another potential solution.

I think it is deadly serious. Though the irony of using "stronger together" as the UK leaves the EU, seems to be lost on the petitioner.

The arrognce of asking the RoI to solve the "current impasse" which is the creation of the current Tory party is breathtaking.

Have you got a link for your petition?

@fitheach Oh no - I am completely convinced it is serious and 3,000 people signed up for it. As for my 'petition', well err no, that was a joke.

@fitheach Petition for a united Ireland created.

However, I need 5 signatures to get it formally published so please share/boost/Like/troll as necessary 🙂

@fitheach I sincerely hope that was written in jest - so hard to tell these days.

Pretty certain it was serious. It doesn't seem to be outrageous enough to be satirical.

@fitheach Saw this was being pushed by John Humphries in conversation with Ireland’s Europe minister, Helen McEntee on the Today Programme as a solution to the backstop. I hadn't listened to this until just now, but the level of arrogance and gaslighting from every organ of the British political classes right now is staggering. From around 9:00

@krozruch @fitheach the twist in the story, probably, is that merging UK + IE would almost definitely create an electorate not wanting to leave the EU in the first place

@pony @fitheach True though this is being 'offered' on the basis that Ireland agrees to leave. Northern Ireland and its border is seen as an irritation (by the people who have made this kind of argument from nowhere in the last few days) because the independence of Ireland is seen as an anomaly.

@krozruch @fitheach i know, it only highlights the disregard for the Irish in the original proposition, +-

@pony @fitheach Abolutely. They [the English] are getting ready to blame Ireland and the EU for their intransigence and don't feel that such inconsequential countries should have such an influence on their affairs. The great British empire has shrank down to a handful of nations and the NI border (alongside Gibraltar, differently) is a very old unresolved scar. Britain's place in the world can be read along it.

Probably right. There was only about 1.25 million votes difference between Leave and Remain.

The injustice for Scotlnd is that it voted 62% Remain (in the EU) but is getting dragged out, because of the greater population in England.


Didn't Humphries say something similar on R4 Today programme?

Funny how you just scratch the surface and suddenly the imperialism starts seeping out.

@fitheach Yes, from around 9:00 on the video embedded onto that link (The first that showed up on a search, so not otherwise an endorsement): He hesitates, knowing it is a nonsense, but they have no way out.

@krozruch @fitheach

WTAblosuteF, I cannot believe he actually posed that, I would laugh if I was not so utterly confused.

@fitheach Weird. Although amusing, I don't see how it breached any T&C's. There are plenty more even weirder proposals.

Indeed. Do you think it breached some T&Cs? Perhaps the petitioner realised what a daft idea it was and withdrew it. I don't know if it is possible to withdraw a petition.

@fitheach Looks like a petition can be rejected

but once accepted, I don't see how it can be removed (even by the proposer). Even expired petitions are listed.

Seems logical & fair. Once people have made the effort to sign it would be unfair to remove it, even by the petitioner.

Still, begs the question why did it vanish?

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