It looks like this petition has been removed, as it is no longer available at the link I provided (shame). However, I did take a screenshot of the petition earlier today. 😃

@fitheach Weird. Although amusing, I don't see how it breached any T&C's. There are plenty more even weirder proposals.

Indeed. Do you think it breached some T&Cs? Perhaps the petitioner realised what a daft idea it was and withdrew it. I don't know if it is possible to withdraw a petition.

@fitheach Looks like a petition can be rejected

but once accepted, I don't see how it can be removed (even by the proposer). Even expired petitions are listed.

Seems logical & fair. Once people have made the effort to sign it would be unfair to remove it, even by the petitioner.

Still, begs the question why did it vanish?

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