loves playing games. Here he is advising me that I should go for a "Volles Haus" and not a "2 Paar" (Kniffel).

@fitheach i like your mug. is that a landscape? :cupofcoffee:

No. It is an abstract design on the cup and saucer. It is from a small pottery on the Isle of Skye. Before putting the crockery in the oven for firing they coat them with various coloured powders. Once fired the crockery has semi-random colours and designs.

@fitheach it looks long lasting and a joy to hold. if i get to visit the isles (ahem, distilleries) i would make sure to find some nice stoneware.

Yeah, they are fairly solid. We use that crockery as our everday wear. We also have some fine china for special occasions (all of it inherited).

i have a couple of small hand spun tea cups appropriated from my partner when she took a ceramics class, made by the instructor. they're just the right serving size for sake. tried with scotch, too, but i kind of prefer to gaze and ponder at the liquor in a clear cup.
would be nice to grow a serving ware collection some day. maybe a house first. :)

Is sake more of a down the hatch type drink, whereas whisky is a take your time and savour type drink. If so, that might determine the types of vessel used for each drink.

Ooh, just noticed my previous post used "wear" not "ware". Aarrgghh!

@fitheach re: "wear" - hadn't noticed, heh.
i suppose sake isn't much to look at for the most part, unless going the nigori route and watching the rice lees settle. it just feels cozier with ceramic.
unless something tastes just "average" (i am by no means an expert), i like to take it slow and make friends with the drink first, as it were. a little ritual of appreciation, i guess. there's so much variation to explore there.

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