UK government attempted to sneak legislation through that would allow pharmacists to change prescriptions *without* consulting GPs, in times of shortage (e.g. due to Brexit).

I suggest you postpone any illnesses until after , it'll be safer.

Here is Dr Philippa Whitford ‏MP questioning the government on the "serious shortage protocol":

@fitheach Genuinely very worried about the impact on the health service (among other things). It’s chipping away at the beleaguered NHS even more. Makes it ever easier to privatise parts under the guise of efficiency.

Around 90% of prescription drugs (and equipment) is imported into the UK. Around half of that comes from EU suppliers. Much of it is supplied in a JIT manner. Any border disruptions will mean prescriptions running out. The government know this, hence the attempted change in legislation.

It is not over dramatic to say people will die because of these changes. Shortages are already happening with diabetic testing kits.

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