Ooh er missus!

Marks & Spencer are promoting their *Love Sausage* especially for Valentine's Day.

Has Sid James been reincarnated and employed in the M&S marketing department?

Other over-priced food retailers are available.

Clearly not targeted to the lesbian valentine market. 😀

Sexuality of any kind has always been repressed in the UK. That situation then allows humour to work which uses "double entendre". I'm sure M&S chose the name specifically to gain some media coverage. If there was a backlash they could still claim it was an innocent reference to something heart shaped, produced for Valentine's day. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

I think what M&S are doing is not dissimilar to what Dr Bateman is doing (discussion on other thread).

Prudishness and appreciation of the double entendre can be an endless source of fun. Too bad American culture inherited only one half of that combo.
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