Ever since the fiasco started there have been some crazy things happening in British .

This is the craziest.

Dr Victoria Bateman is the Naked Economist. That is not a figure of speech. She is giving lectures entitled "Brexit Leaves Britain Naked", in the nude. She also gave a nude interview on BBC Radio 4 (yeah, yeah, I know).

No, I'm not providing any pics. For more info you can visit her Birdsite:

twitter.com/vnbateman/status/1 (nudity)

@fitheach It’s a interesting approach for sure. I read once that getting naked is the best way to get out of an unwanted fight. Completely freaks out the attacker.


Erm, I'll try to remember that the next time I feel threatened in the pub, I think. 😃

Her approach is obviously getting some media attention and will, no doubt, help future ticket sales. I doubt it will do much to change people's minds over the core issue.

@fitheach Let me know if it works! I favour the distract and run approach.

I'm not sure... I might prefer to take a punch on the nose.

Classic song about a bar room confrontation:

Gimme Three Steps
Lynyrd Skynyrd


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