Ever since the fiasco started there have been some crazy things happening in British .

This is the craziest.

Dr Victoria Bateman is the Naked Economist. That is not a figure of speech. She is giving lectures entitled "Brexit Leaves Britain Naked", in the nude. She also gave a nude interview on BBC Radio 4 (yeah, yeah, I know).

No, I'm not providing any pics. For more info you can visit her Birdsite:

twitter.com/vnbateman/status/1 (nudity)


I'm not entirely sure what her politics are other than being a Remainer. I wasn't aware of her until now. I'm sure raising her profile was probably her intent with the naked lectures.

Some of the publications she has written for (Twitter bio) include CapX & Bloomberg. Not exactly bastions of left-wing writing.

However, I do sense some movements in British politics from left - right divisions to Leave - Remain divisions.

@fitheach @kawaiipunk

Pretty much everything she said is straight from the neoliberal political play book, with glaring inaccuracies in relation to reality of the global economy, this only has value as satire in word and deed.
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