Ever since the fiasco started there have been some crazy things happening in British .

This is the craziest.

Dr Victoria Bateman is the Naked Economist. That is not a figure of speech. She is giving lectures entitled "Brexit Leaves Britain Naked", in the nude. She also gave a nude interview on BBC Radio 4 (yeah, yeah, I know).

No, I'm not providing any pics. For more info you can visit her Birdsite:

twitter.com/vnbateman/status/1 (nudity)

Sorry folks...

I've just noticed that the previous post containing the embedded Tweet, shows the video preview image which is hidden on Twitter.


@fitheach I was going to point it out but wasn't sure whether it loaded only after I clicked through out of curiosity :D

To be fair to her, I think any competent economist must understand we are living in an attention economy & that this would change minds to the extent that people who would not go to a talk about economics given by a clothed woman, might go to a talk by a naked woman. To change minds, they first have to hear you speak.

Anyway, as CW failures go this is at least an amusing 1.

I'd found her relevant Tweet, but hadn't clicked on the "View sensitive content" at the top. I then posted the link. It wasn't until my post had been boosted that I saw the video preview being displayed. My reaction was: "where did that come from?". Had I known I would have put it behind a CW.

She has certainly got people talking. However, I'm not sure it is about the economics of Brexit.

@fitheach @krozruch she does a good job, I feel. The absurdity of Brexit is now laid bare.

(I will show myself out)


She needed to get a few things off her chest (and everywhere else).


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