The new Nokia 9 PureView smartphone has a 5 camera array capable of shooting 60MP photos.

Gamechanger or overkill?

I believe it can make phonecalls, too. It looks great.

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@fitheach why would anyone need that?

The phone call part I mean!

Apparently, some 20th century thing where people talk to each other directly. Seems odd to me.

@fitheach I got nostalgic

Also, Android was meant for the cheap digital cameras. We've made a full circle :bongoCat:

I think Android was designed to be cheaper than iPhones so it could grab the mass market, which it did. That didn't preclude having more expensive models, too.

I never had an 808, did it take great pictures? I certainly remember it getting rave reviews for its photo capabilities. I fancied getting one at the time, but didn't act on my impulses.


>The early intentions of the company [Android Inc.] were to develop an advanced operating system for digital cameras, and this was the basis of its pitch to investors in April 2004.

just a bit of past history

>I certainly remember it getting rave reviews for its photo capabilities.

it was impressive for its time but the secret sauce of the modern mobile cameras is the software. 808 was lacking an advanced post processing but look: this is quite good!

I didn't realise that Android started life as a camera OS, huh!

The YT video shows just how good modern(ish) smartphones are at video. To think it can do that, and still slip into your pocket is amazing. Oh, and the million other things they can do too.

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