Theresa May is being quoted as saying:

"If this deal is not passed, then Brexit could be lost."

Hard Brexiteers consider PM's words to be an empty threat.

Projections for the vote tonight are her deal will lose by between 100-150 votes.

17 days to go to Brexit, and we are back at square one.

Voting on Theresa May's deal in progress. The Noes lobby (against May's deal) is reportedly "packed".

Theresa May loses her Brexit deal vote by 391 to 242 (difference of 149).

Jeremy Corbyn says a Labour Brexit is what should happen. No mention of a Peoples Vote. Don't think Labour ever really supported a PV.

Oh for goodness sake...

PM's motion against no-deal seems to be a thinly disguised means of bringing her deal back *again*.

If Westminster want to take no-deal "off the table" revoking Article 50 looks to be the only way.

Y'know just about anything is possible, and at the same time nothing. I sincerely believe Theresa May is the major stumbling block. Someone else with a bit more nous could have navigated a more successful course.

@fitheach My thinking is that it is getting expensive, so the actual power will stop it.

If you are meaning the markets, they will be loving this uncertainty. After the Attorney General's statement was made public the £ (GBP) fell like a stone. Many speculators will have made a killing.

@fitheach strue. they make it on the way up and on the way down both.
But, in the long term, things like e.g. honda in wales.

Image shows the drop in the pound with annotation when Cox made his announcement. Amazing!

Speculators with fingers poised above buttons.

@fitheach I want to chat, but I have to go to work...
And it's still snowing.

@fitheach @gemlog probably the most incompetent PM in 30 years at least

Her only "skill" seems to be having a brass neck bringing the same deal back to parliament, even though it gets massively defeated each time.


@fitheach I think she bought into her own "stubborn woman" bullshit

Two Einstein quotes come to mind:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Two things are infinite: the universe and the human stupidity.

Rumours flying that Article50 vote and/or extension may be delayed. Trouble ahead, I should think.

@fitheach Some MP on the livestream just proposed another article 50 extension vote.

That had been the suggestion at one point last week. Namely, that should the deal fall (which it has) MPs would get an opportunity to get no-deal off the table and/or to vote for an extension. Nothing seems certain anymore, may as well pick options from a "lucky" dip.

16 days is plenty of time to make it even worse.

@fitheach I'm laughing but that's horribly true :/

@fitheach The wording is odd - 'declines to approve''. But there's nothing to 'approve'. That is the default legal position (as they later note).

When it's defeated tonight (as it will be), then the options are to vote on requesting an extension. But what if that's defeated or refused by EU, then what ? The we have to leave on 29/3 so, as you said, I can only see May's deal for the 1,000th time or revocation of Article 50.

I really don't know... It is entirely possible that the motion taking no-deal off the table wins (there is also a Cooper-Boles et al amendment to really take it off the table), but without a replacement, no-deal isn't off. Any other deal is fantasy. Options are: no-deal, May deal, revoke Article50.

I'm not convinced extension to Article50 gives enough time for a Peoples Vote, and approval by EU27 not guaranteed. Don't think General Election would solve anything.


@fitheach I think any extension (if they deign to grant it) will be two months at most because of the EU elections in May. And I sincerely doubt they will give one unless it is clear what the UK Government actually wants. And, therein, lies the problem.

Too true.
Verhofstadt, Barnier & Juncker have stressed these points again and again. UK MPs and media seem to be ignoring what they have said.

@fitheach Indeed. Their arrogance ('We _will_ get an extension') simply knows no bounds.

@fitheach You could tell it was killing him to even float the idea.

I'm pretty certain Keir Starmer didn't mention the Peoples Vote when he spoke this afternoon.

Mass demonstrations on the streets. Not much else the public can do.

@fitheach This whole process is breathtaking. A country's population is being taken hostage for imaginary political gains.

I think you will find someone is doing well out of Brexit already.

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