In all the "excitement" yesterday I missed the revelation [1] that David Steel knew that the accusations of child sex abuse by Cyril Smith were true.

Not only did Steel not do anything about it he then approved Smith's knighthood.

Absolutely sickening.

[1] Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

@fitheach It's a golden week (month?) for "burying bad news". Let's see what the Bloody Sunday prosecution decision is.

Surely there can't be any backtracking after the Saville Inquiry. Although I did start to wonder after that outburst by the idiotic Karen Bradley a few days ago.

@fitheach Karen Bradley, and there's also factors like Gove being a longtime opponent of the Good Friday Agreement (his comments on 'could be a return to direct rule' yesterday can't have been agenda-less), MoD desperate for immunity / not setting a precedent, and the DUP's current power over the govt.
I don't see that they _can_ get away with it now, but they must fancy their chances. Not going to see prosecutions for the ones that ultimately gave the orders, I'd bet. Nor the ones that covered things up, that goes too high.

I read Gove's direct rule comments to be a threat to the DUP (that didn't work) about Brexit. I hope you're wrong.

@priryo @fitheach
I knew a soldier, he was a friend of a friend, and years ago at the pub, after a few drinks, he told us that he'd volunteered for 3 tours of duty in NI because he wanted to kill someone.
I must add that I know all soldiers are not like that. This soldiers brother, who I knew slightly better, he was quite a decent chap, was also in the army, he joined hoping to become an engineer but after signing up he was put in the artillery and sent to NI.

I don't know anything about the army. However, I've always assumed two things: the army (armed forces generally) like to get young men who they can mould and secondly basic training involves de-humanising, so killing becomes easier.


@fitheach @wizardofosmium
Ugh, there we go. Only 1 prosecution, a minimum fudge. How very British. :rage:

That result is a disgrace.
I heard (Colonel) Bob Stewart MP discussing the topic on the radio, while I was in the barbers this afternoon. He was lamenting the one prosecution. The radio programme had someone on from Derry (missed the name) who didn't press the issue strongly enough.


Oh, and I meant to add, if the army manage to recruit some young men that are already "mental" it probably saves them some bother.


@fitheach I honestly David steel was one politician with some honesty and integrity. Well that's now out of the window. Christ - I'm going to signing up to my local Anarchist Group at this rate.

I can't begin to understand how someone admits child sex abuse to you and then you do nothing about it. I don't know the chronology of events, but it is entirely possible that Cyril Smith continued child sex abuse after this conversation with David Steel. Horrifying.

I hope charges could be brought against Steel, and also the removal of his peerage.

@fitheach I thought he was dead - not sitting in the House of Lords. Crikey !

Old Westminster politicians never die, they just snooze in the House of Lords.

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