Had a haircut yesterday.
Genuinely feeling cold around ears and back of neck.

@fitheach For a bunch of years I went to the barber's and asked for a 'short back and sides' and got what I wanted.
Then for more years, I didn't.
I guess it's a british-ism that simply doesn't mean anything here anymore.
For a few years I simply shaved it all off at home myself. But then my daughter moved back to town and complained about it, so now I get a sort of short back and sides for her sake.
Wrapped around her little finger since she was born ;-)

When I was a child my mother would take me to a barber called Bob Murray. Once I was sat in the chair he would ask what I wanted. I would carefully explain in detail my preferred cut. It didn't matter one jot, I would get a short back & sides. No matter what anyone asked for they got a SBAS. He maybe only knew one haircut.

Now I'm all grown up, I actually request SBAS, or in the modern parlance: "one, back and sides". The "one" refers to the smallest sized teeth on the barber's shears.

Whatever it is, she doesn't look happy.

A mullet and a perm, wow!


@fitheach @gemlog what she gives excellent blowjobs and makes a mean Martini

When attending school on the following Monday the other pupils would exclaim: "you've been to Bob Murray's." He was (in)famous.

@fitheach I was getting a 'one' buzz for a time. A zero is down to nothing.
When I was 15 i worked in a hotel 14hrs a day. One of the owners also owned a barber shop, so I got a free haircut.
It was sbas and I didn't have a choice in it anyhow! :-)

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