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1995 called, and it wants it web "design" back.

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For the last few years I've been seeing cheap A4 sized posters along roadsides (particularly A82 & A9) proclaiming: "The Earth is Flat". It must be the same nutter(s) who have produced this website.

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Oh, missed these bits earlier:

"Website Construction & Photography" 😃


"Photographer and attractive racontour." 😃

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@fitheach "£1,000 prize for you if you can provide ONE proof the world is a globe.
NOT NASA proofs NOT science proofs.

What? Not science proofs??

They should keep their £1,000, and spend some of it on decent web design. It's not only the content that is offensive.

@fitheach @Alastair I wish I did this joke myself.

"This site is vegan" → it's a joke.
a round oblate spinning spheroid globe ball." → it's a joke
@fitheach @Alastair IMO, the Flat Earth Society is an informal group of people doing jokes online. No one seriously believes the Earth is flat.

If it is a joke they have amazing perseverance. I'm pretty sure it is the same person/people that have been putting up posters stating "The Earth is Flat" all around the Highlands for about 5 years.



I wish it wasn't sites like this that still used 1995 web design, I would quite like a 1995 web, just with informational integrity.

I can't say I miss the use of tables in page layouts. 😉

@fitheach This is the good old school weirdness from a more innocent time (except maybe the "flat earth kills globalists bit").
In Scalloway on Shetland there's a plaque put up 100+ years ago by a local man proclaiming his own particular gravitational theory. He claimed to have written a book, but I couldn't find it in the National Library. Have a photo of it somewhere.

You might be right about the old school weirdness. There are so many angles on the pages I'm not sure where they are coming from.

@fitheach I can never imagine anyone so daft and assume those sites are elaborate trolls.
But you never know I guess...

@fitheach Not clicking. I don't give those sites the time of day Iain.

I don't think you'll be adding to their ad' revenue.

@fitheach No (I use ad-blocker anyhow), but their logs would show the traffic and 'interest' from me.

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