It is well worth visiting Castle (Caisteal) Tioram, even though you can't enter the building for safety reasons. You can still look around the castle, & there are some great views.

The castle sits on Eilean Tioram, which is a tidal island in Loch Moidart (a sea loch). Ten minutes before I took my Profile photo there was only exposed sand. Ten minutes after my Profile photo and the tide had come in fully (see photo below). You'd either have to wait it out or swim for it!

So, you'd have exactly the opposite problem; if the tide was out you couldn't paddle!

Did you come down the river or from the Eilean Shona direction?

We put in at the castle and paddled down the coast, camped for the night then paddled back.

Was it tricky around Eilean Shona? The narrows either side have a reputation of being difficult when the tide is coming/going.

I think we must have timed it right, it was a fairly easy paddle down stream, the tide was going out and when we came back the tide was out giving us a long portage back to the car. The water was very calm both days.


I've been down the loch, around Eilean Shona and back up the loch. However, I was in a boat with an outboard motor. 😃


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