My family was busy today, So this was this afternoons little project, the original Bakelite handle had broken, so I replaced it with some beech wood. Instead of rivets I used brass square head bolts, the finish is a lovely orange wax from the Town Talk Polish Company (smells wonderful and no toxins).

@fitheach kind of hoping to get another 20yrs out of this knife ;)


Just don't carry it around on your person, or you might indeed get 20 years. πŸ˜‰

Is it a nice hardened steel?

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@fitheach ah yes, knife crime and the UK.

Everybody I knew back in the day carried a pocket knife, I did (and do) my dad did, my grandfather did. Is it now illegal in the UK? Do cooks in the UK have knife safes and license to carry?

Looking at the sinusoidal nature of the knife crime curve, I wonder how much of this is really a departure from the norm and how much is Sajid Javid needing a platform.

That aside, yes, it is a good knife, an excellent tool.

I don't know how it works in E&W and NI. In Scotland there is a potential 5 year prison sentence for carrying a knife (or even an object fashioned like a knife). Knife related crime in Scotland has dropped significantly over the last decade.

No idea what happens with regards to chefs carrying knives. There are lots of other things you could carry that have the potential to be weapons. I don't know if similar penalties exist for those.

Good knives are the most important kitchen tools.

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