A fascinating look at how things used to be done.

Driving between Glasgow and Fort William either meant a long drive around Loch Leven, via Kinlochleven, or getting the Ballachulish Ferry.

This video shows the ferry crossing in 1926.


Moving on nearly 50 years, here is the same ferry crossing at Ballachulish. This cine film was taken in 1973.


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The ferries from 1926 & 1973 used the same concept of a turntable to make it easier to get vehicles on/off the ferry. Modern day turntable type ferries still exist. Just a few miles north of Ballachulish is the Corran Ferry.


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Sadly, the ferry at Ballachulish no longer exists, as it was replaced by a bridge in 1975. I say sadly for two reasons: the ferry had a lot more romance about it and the bridge has to be one of the ugliest in Scotland. It does have the advantage that the crossing is achieved in a few seconds.

I can't even bring myself to dig out a photo of the Ballachulish bridge, so instead here is one from Wikipedia.

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You're right about it being ugly, I might have a picture of it somewhere but only because it happened to be in the background of of something else I was taking a picture of.


I have a few photos of Loch Leven where you can just see the bridge, which is the only way you want to see it.

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