I was out and about today and came across a field full of these beauties.

Who needs Pandas when you have Belties? 😃

As I was out all day I took a flask of coffee with me.

It's funny, it doesn't seem to matter what coffee goes in, it always comes out tasting of flask coffee.

Never mind, the coffee may have tasted of flask, but the surroundings made up for it.

I was sipping my coffee while gazing out across Loch Ness on a beautiful sunny afternoon. It hasn't got too busy with tourists yet, so I was able to enjoy the scenery in relative peace. Great!

I didn't see Nessie.

The Belties were on a hill above Druim na Drochaid (Drumnadrochit), and they too would have a great view of Loch Ness. When I saw the coos they were much more interested in munching grass than enjoying scenery.

I was on the "north" shore side of Loch Ness where you can get some great views looking down on the loch. If you visit Loch Ness try to go on the "south" shore side as well. This is the less busy side and the road gets very close to the loch. You can get up close and personal.

@fitheach I had never seen such cows before.
They look tasty :-)

I've never knowingly eaten one. Specialist breeds usually command specialist prices.

Apparently, they are sometimes kept for milking. I wonder if the white band starts getting smaller as the milk comes out.

@fitheach When I looked them up yesterday after you posted the photo they were also known as 'oreo cows' :-)
Buffalo and Beefalo are quite available here from domestic stock. Not in the shops (well, the odd deli or specialty), but farm gate.

Oreo didn't mean anything to me. Never see them here, but I don't eat biscuits, so maybe not noticed them.

@fitheach I don't eat sweets in general, but Oreo cookies are so popular in north america that they have cultural significance and seep into the language in various ways.
Here's an example from my childhood I don't hear often anymore.
I lived in a group home of 8 boys. 7 boys were first nations and then white boy here.
One of their insults was to call someone a potato or an oreo.
Brown on the outside and white on the inside.
Racism goes both ways and sideways. I had some really shitty days...

@fitheach Same with tea in a flask. Tastes half of tea, half of flask. :(

I've got one of those unbreakable flasks made by Thermos. It is almost all stainless steel with a hard plastic stopper and cup. I don't know where the flask taste comes from, is it the stopper, the cup or the steel?

I haven't had one of those flasks with glass inside, for years. Did they have a similar taste?

@fitheach my flask is the same as yours but still tastes like that.

We can put people on the moon, clone sheep and make computers the size of watches, but nobody knows where flask taste comes from.

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