Picked up the heavy cast iron frying pan to move it to the other hot ring.

I'd completely forgotten that I'd pre-heated the pan in the top oven for 5 minutes.


@fitheach Don't worry, i can out-dumb you :-)
When I was 11 and nearly too short to reach the cupboard above the stove I reached out my right hand to steady myself and give me a slight boost in order to reach with my left hand up into the cupboard.
Oh, thou very idiot!
The electric coil I placed my palm and nearly full weight on was bright orange hot...

You've got the defence that you were only 11 years old, I don't.

@fitheach Maybe we're regressing now? :-)
I somehow forgot exactly and was a bit embarrassed to have to ask my daughter how old a grandchild was on her birthday last week.
Eleven! Holy mac!
She looks like 7-8 to me.
Mind you, my 31yo still seems like a kittenish little girl to me too so...

Naughty, you should know the age of your grandchildren. 馃槈

@fitheach I know :-(
I'm completely horrible. Bad grandad.
It took me ages to remember even the birthdays of my children without a computer.
Even in my twenties I was using 'Nag' from 'Grandma Software' in Seattle on my Amiga 2000 for such chores.

Just make sure you don't forget their names. 馃槈

@fitheach When we were little one of my sisters hated that our nana would always partly say all the names of her kids and grandchildren in order before getting to the correct one i.e. that sister in her case. "Jea-Joh-Hub-pau-Jackie!"
She vowed to be better.
In her adulthood she bred collies and she was Worse.
She went through all her dog's names before getting to her children! :-)

@fitheach My favourite from a very old Omni magazine contest is:

Damn Clever Mnemonic Makes No Prefix Forgetable

And I think that only got a mention and not a prize.

And the other way:

Decadent Hector Killed Meg's Gigantic Terrier

One of the few I use is:
Do Kings Play Chess On Fine Green Silk

I didn't do any biology after about 14 years of age, I preferred physics.

However, when reading anything about nature, remembering the order of taxa in biology is useful.

@fitheach I never got any in school (moved a lot) and never took it in college after.
Anything I know is just from my own reading around. Nothing formal at all.


Every day is a school day.

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