Picked up the heavy cast iron frying pan to move it to the other hot ring.

I'd completely forgotten that I'd pre-heated the pan in the top oven for 5 minutes.


@fitheach Don't worry, i can out-dumb you :-)
When I was 11 and nearly too short to reach the cupboard above the stove I reached out my right hand to steady myself and give me a slight boost in order to reach with my left hand up into the cupboard.
Oh, thou very idiot!
The electric coil I placed my palm and nearly full weight on was bright orange hot...

You've got the defence that you were only 11 years old, I don't.

@fitheach Maybe we're regressing now? :-)
I somehow forgot exactly and was a bit embarrassed to have to ask my daughter how old a grandchild was on her birthday last week.
Eleven! Holy mac!
She looks like 7-8 to me.
Mind you, my 31yo still seems like a kittenish little girl to me too so...

Naughty, you should know the age of your grandchildren. 😉



I'd recommend one of those new-fangled things called diaries.

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@fitheach @gemlog True story. I once had to ring HMRC and one of the security questions was my wife’s birthday. I couldn’t remember it. I begged the lady to give me another question because if she didn’t I was going to have to ask my wife and it would not end well for me. She said she wasn’t allowed (I swear I could hear her smile in the tone of her voice). That did not go down well.

I never give out the real information for those security questions. I keep a GPG encrypted text file with a list of organisations/websites with things like security questions and login credentials.


@fitheach I don’t think you get a choice with HMRC. One of their questions was about which mobile phone company I was with and I’ve certainly never given them that information. I think they have (or had) a contract with Equifax or something similar.


HMRC have *my* real birthday, but I don't have any security questions with them. I don't recall 'phoning them in recent times.

Whenever orgs ask me for my mobile number I always say I don't have one. The next thing you know they might 'phone me or send an SMS.


@fitheach @jamie
I really don't have one. No cell, no landline. Been tethered to beepers, pagers and phones all my life. No I have a choice and I choose not to have one at all.

I have three plus a few "burner" SIMs for special purposes.


@fitheach @jamie
I have a file full of outrageous lies too.
Even at work I see no reason to bless e.g. apple or google with real information.

@fitheach @jamie
As I said, I've been using computer reminders since the 80's. No fuss. No bother.

@gemlog @fitheach I keep thinking I should do that but I would have to reach out and ask them what their birthdays are. I figure that bridge is already burned and we now casually ignore each other’s birthday - which is fine by me.

@jamie @fitheach One sister always emails me, so I always email her. I see the other reminder emails and just bring them to mind.
Kids and grandkids I always mark somehow.

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