Glorious. Glorious. Glorious.

Fantastic weather for today's . Another best-of-the-year-so-far. Around 20°C, and virtually no clouds. We had an extra long 3½ hour walk. = hot & tired.

Came across an old abandoned house, which the forest had grown around. Lovely stonework. Felt rather poignant.

Lots of wood anomones in blossom everywhere: Lus na gaoithe - Anemone nemorosa

This time of year everything has a fresh feel. New leaves on the trees, new shoots on the grasses, and plants making an appearance from below ground.

We skirted the edge of a forest which was mostly larch. When the new needles appear they are bright green. The needles are also really soft to the touch.

You can see a larch growing inside the ruined house, next to the chimney.

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The larch we have is:
learag-Eòrpach - larix decidua

In the autumn the needles turn yellow, then red, and finally fall off. Larch is often planted at the edges of plantations to break-up the regimented look of dark green rectangles of sitka spruce.

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Your image is probably one of the North American species.

@fitheach Damn it! Tho doesn't look recognizable to me as much of anything lol.

Colloquially, growing up, we called larch a juniper tree.

Though now I think about it more, I think they were actually tamarak.

I'll shut up now.

We have a few junipers, as well. The ones we have tend to be more like bushes than trees.

I once (in)famously made juniper potato cakes. It was one of my dunc-dunc-dunc experiments. "Dunc" is the sound of something going straight into the bin.

@fitheach back home, real (?) juniper don't get much higher than a creeping plant. Like this mostly.


Oh, that does look small. Lots of cones.

Ours are more like this photo from Wikipedia, but perhaps a bit smaller:

I've never photographed any junipers.

@fitheach never saw one like that! Interesting. I wonder how the gin would taste from each!

As long as you have decent tonic, either will do. 😃

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