Just over one hour to the start of this year's Independence March in Glasgow.

As a wee taster here is a video showing some scenes from last year's huge march.

Come on you Yessers!


That's all the photos from today's Independence March in Glasgow. Hope you enjoyed this wee flavour of the event.


The same place that recently did not choose Independence when all they had to do was vote for it


For sure had Scotland voted Yes in 2014 life would've been simpler. 😃 TBF Glasgow was a Yes positive city, as was my home area, but the result was still a narrow win for No.

Since then all the promises by the No campaign have been shown to be hollow, notably the bit about staying in the EU.

Amazingly, the Yes campaign has grown stronger since the defeat in 2014. The Unionists are desparate to avoid another vote, because they know this time they will lose.

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