A slew of EU Parliament election leaflets arrived on Saturday and today.

First up is a suitably half-recycled (it arrived like that in the post) leaflet from the Scottish Greens.

The tagline "Choose Hope Over Hate" is good, even if it is a variation of "hope over fear".

Rather mischievously the bar chart on the rear omits SNP, Labour & Tories. An old electioneering tactic.

The first of the today's leaflets is from UKIP.

Frankly, aside from the nonsense about Brexit (particularly in Scotland) anything with "UK" on it and Union Jacks goes straight in the bin.

Next up is the SNP leaflet.

Of all the leaflets received so far this has the best design and has a light, airy feel. I wish though the SNP would take some new photos of Nicola, they keep using the same one.

Even though this is a Euro election leaflet there is only one mention of independence. Do try harder, SNP.


I've kept the "best" till last.

"Vote for Welsh Labour"

What? You complete muppets, I live in Scotland, not Wales. The clue is my address.

A complete waste of money by Labour, but at least we will be able to make jokes at their expense.

The leaflet design is also terrible, about as interesting as a wet Wednesday in Wrexham.

Today, the Tory EU Election leaflet arrived.

A one-trick pony pushing a single policy. Other than "no more referendums" this leaflet contains no real policies. Nicola Sturgeon gets far more mentions than "Conservatives" and "Ruth Davidson" combined. This is negative campaigning on stilts.

The horrible colours is not a photo failure, they really are like that.

Today (day before the EU Parliament elections in the UK) the Scottish version of the Labour Party leaflet arrived. Previously, voters in the Highlands had been sent a leaflet designed for Wales.

All the leaflets are delivered as "election communications", which mean they are delivered free by Royal Mail. Does this mean that the Welsh leaflet for the Highlands mix-up was a Royal Mail error?

If I were an agent for a competing party I'd be checking this situation.

@fitheach Sending Welsh leaflets to Scotland kinda sums up Labour's attitude to power nicely

It is a complete cockup. It will be too late to send another even if they could within the spending limits. The leaflet also lists the Welsh candidates, which might just confuse people.

No doubt someone in the campaign office will be getting their backsides kicked.

So many words, and if I'm not mistaken comparatively they have some low agency and low info voters.

@fitheach perhaps Labour or their marketing company have made a deal with Microsoft - for some months my desktop PC (with geolocation allowed) kept delivering the Microsoft Store in Welsh (I can barely read a few words) 😆

With most political leaflets it would be better if the content was in a foreign language you didn't understand.

@fitheach the one constant I've noticed about political parties is that there competence seems inversely proportional to their malevolence.

Hmmm, not always the case. For example, I consider UKIP to be malevolent, but they are also incompetent.

The same style of leaflet seemed to work well for the Tories in the 2017 General Election. As they don't have any actual policies they have obviously decided to re-run the same style of leaflet.

I don't think it will work for them this time. Firstly, because pulling the same trick will likely have diminishing returns. Secondly, because the Brexit Party will be competing for the same voters.

@fitheach and wasn't the Welsh one partially written in Welsh? no Gàidhlig on the Scottish one I see 😕

Indeed. The Welsh leaflet was 50% English, 50% Welsh.

[Checks photos]
No Gaelic on the "Scottish" Labour leaflet, at all.

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