The wild relative of the garden strawberry.

Wild Strawberry - Tlachd-shùbh - Fragaria vesca

We frequently have these wild strawberries growing exactly where they aren't wanted, particularly along gravel paths. They are such lovely plants I hate to disturb them.

If I remember I will photograph them again in late June or July when the fruit ripens.

@fitheach We get these in our garden, strangely enough. Don't know what's so congenial to them about that spot.

They can survive in stony places where other plants struggle. Once a plant or two establish themselves they spread by quickly producing runners. You therefore often get many wild strawberries taking over an area of ground.

@fitheach @priryo
We have a few in our garden they always seem to be in a different place each year. I don't mind them. It's my better half that looks after the garden, my duties are limited to mowing the lawn.

Same here, really. I'm interested in wildflowers, but don't know the first thing about gardening. My duties are limited to cutting things, usually trees and grass. I've long since convinced my OH of the benefits of having a wild garden to encourage wildlife. 😃


@fitheach @wizardofosmium
Yeah can definitely see the runners. Maybe the congenial thing for the strawberries is the neighbours see that corner as our bit of the garden and haven't dug it up to unwild it (shared flat).

@fitheach We have some of these at work.

One of my colleagues pointed them out the other day.

If you're quick you'll be able to harvest them at the end of June or start of July. Here the voles and mice usually get to the strawberries before me.

The tiny strawberries are so delicious! I always figured human breeding added sugar and volume to the berries but spread the same amount of flavor out much further.

Yesss! That has always been my assumption. I think the same goes for vegetables. In comparison to the original vegetables we manage to grow monsters now, but there is only so much flavour available. I don't have scientific backing for this, it's just a hunch.

Like the small Lebanese cucumbers are way more tasty than the giant normal ones? Maybe pumpkins are special but pie pumpkins are definitely smaller than jack-o-lanterns.

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