Extraordinary (again)!

UK voting intentions for EU election (YouGov 8/9 May):

Brexit Party 34% (+4)
Labour 16% (-5)
LibDems 15% (+5)
Greens 11% (+2)
Cons 10% (-3)
Change UK 5% (-4)
SNP 3% (n/a)
UKIP 3% (-1)
Plaid Cymru 1% (n/a)

SNP & PC are Scotland & Wales only respectively, so UK showing is very low.

LD continue strong showing after local election results.

Tories are now in FIFTH place behind the Greens.

Change UK & UKIP might be sliding into oblivion.

@fitheach If the Greens do better than the Tories I'll eat broccoli

@fitheach also considering Farage has taken the populist vote with him, it's nice to see the now explicitly fascist UKIP getting nuked in the polls

One worrying scenario due to the fall in Tory & Labour vote and the rise in The Brexit Party vote is the latter might get two Euro seats in Scotland.

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