Everyone will know this one.

Common Daisy - Eòinean - Bellis Perennis

Depending on your viewpoint these will either be the flower of happy childhood memories or an invasive weed ruining your carefullly cultivated green lawn. I'm 100% in the former camp.

It has been postulated that the word "daisy" comes from "day's eye" because the flower (in common with many others) closes overnight, before opening again in the morning.

I was looking through a digital "contact sheet" which contained the daisy photos. I was struck by how similar they looked to photos I had of fried eggs, which were in the same folder.

Maybe that's just me.

@fitheach I'm definitely #TeamDaisy too :)

🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼

Every plant (and animal) has its place. I always have a twinge of regret when I have to (re)move something, even when it is absolutely necessary.

@fitheach same. I'm torn with dandelions because they are a great food for bees, but they cause a lot of work for me. I feel ok about mowing them, since I have so many other plants the bees can feast on in my garden.

Dandelions (I'll be posting about them tomorrow) are almost impossible to get rid of without using herbicides, and I don't use herbicides. The taproots always go down some distance, and invariably break when you try to remove them. As you said bees and butterflies love them. I do try to remove the heads once they go to seed.

@fitheach yeh, I won't use herbicides either. Eventually I won't have any lawn anyway, as I'm turning most of the garden into raised beds and borders. I'll get rid of the grass and put permeable membrane then purple shale down for the paths, which I find stops them mostly. The odd one will try and poke through the membrane and shale, but that's much easier to manage.

We've got lots of wild areas, and I mean wild. 😃

Everything and anything can grow in the wild areas.

@fitheach definitey! We have a wood only a short walk from where we live, so get to see lots of things like bluebells and ramsons, along with dandelions. Plus, lots of local parks keep wild areas now too, which is good to see

Our "wild" areas might be due to me not being up to scratch as a gardener.

@fitheach 😂 tell people you cultivate those areas to be wild!

I've been re-wilding since before it became a thing.

We have grass so long that giraffes can hide in it.

@fitheach Does anyone there call these “oxeye” daisies, or “May” daisies? I invariably hear the former around here, if anyone calls them anything besides just “daisy”.

Oxeye is a different genus:
The flowers look very similar, but the leaves are quite different. Both were introduced to N. America.

I'm pretty certain that in Scots the oxeye daisies are known as "gowan". For certain, they are known as "breòthach" in Gaelic.

@fitheach Thank you! Always much more to learn. I’d love to hear the Scottish names pronounced.

I was trying to find some sound files online. Not found any, yet...

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