It hasn't stopped raining for days.
I'm building one of these, just in case.


Oh, how I miss those crazy, warm, sunlit days of May.

Time for a wee tune.
What could be more appropriate than Clydebank's finest?

Wet Wet Wet

@fitheach surely this is what the sensitive content feature of mastodon is for? ;)

I'll have that ear worm all day now :)

Ha ha.
An ear worm warning. 😃
I've always liked WWW. They created some super songs, and Marti has a great voice. More on the "light pop" end of the spectrum compared to most of my musical tastes, but nothing wrong with that.

@fitheach If I were in Germany, I would send some of the heat your way.
Here in Denmark the weather's perfect for me. 19-23 Celsius, sunny and there's always a little breeze going. It is supposed to rain every now and then which is fine by me.
Keep your head up, you had a great May. It's mainland's turn now 😉

After a few weeks of great weather you get acclimatised. 😃

It is always wettish in June, but this year (including the end of May) has been dreadful.

I'm not so bothered by the lowish temperatures. Yesterday, turned on his heels to return home early, as he was fed up getting wet.

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