I've decided to put all of my photos in one place.

Each photo will be accompanied by one English common name, one Gaelic common name and the botanical name.

Here is the first one:

I note that the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh are now annotating their plants with the English common name, Gaelic common name and the botanical name.

I wonder where they got that idea from? 😃

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@fitheach me: wait, is Raineach phonetically related to the Rannoch Moor? Oh, turns out it is!

I love the internet.

Rannoch is the Anglicised version of the original name.

Researching info via the Internet is sooo convenient.

I should go round and photograph all of the signs, it would be a handy reference for the future. However, a lot of the plants are non-native.

Better than 1755, but it doesn't seem to be fluctuating or advancing much 'lately'.
However, that does make your decision an important resource perhaps.

Identification of plants can be difficult sometimes. Differences between species can be quite small. Good photos are important.

There aren't many resources for plant recognition that also has the Gaelic common names. Part of my motivation.

Common names quite frequently impart useful information about the plant, as well as being descriptive.

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