Unless Boris Johnson does something stupid (can't be discounted) he probably has the leadership in the bag.

Commissioned by The Telegraph, fieldwork by Comres.

Voting intentions for the various parties with different Conservative leaders:

@fitheach Last week I said it was a two horse race (Boris/Gove) but surprisingly Gove's Coke faux-pas seems to have opened the way for Jeremy H[C]unt.

No political analysis required. Just check the odds at the bookies.

@fitheach again, I was about to ask 'Who the feck would give a flying fuck that Gove snorted cocaine when he was a journo 20 years ago ?'

...but the answer, as always, is the elderly, wizened, sleeping Torygraph readers (stereotypical Tory party members). They care.

It's like a Harry Enfield sketch.

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