My wildflower photo assistant.

He is investigating a Bird's-foot Trefoil, I believe.


always sits with me when I'm photographing. This is good, as I like to know he is safe while I don't have 100% attention on him.

However, I once had an unintended consequence when investigating a tiny, fragile mushroom. Neachdainn came rushing over, and sat down in front of me, right on top of the mushroom. Ooops! 🍄

He doesn't appreciate fungi, what can you do?

@fitheach Well, he has found a way to deal with them, hasn't he? 😊

As a puppy he discovered eating them wasn't a good idea. Sitting on them is an improvement.

It was terrible, liquid was coming out of both ends.

We were having games on the washing green. He spotted a mushroom about the size of your hand. Before I could stop him he had scoffed the lot. He was a very sick doggie for a few hours. By night time he had fully recovered. He has never gone near a mushroom since. Lesson learned.

@fitheach Holy moly, you must have been terrified! But I'm glad he learned his lesson.

In one way it was good that things were coming out both ends. We knew he was getting rid of the mushroom.

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