Another step on the road to a no-deal Brexit.

There was a vote in Westminster this afternoon which would have prevented a no-deal. The motion was lost by 11 votes. 17 Labour MPs abstained and 8 voted against the motion.

We seem to be getting ever closer to the no-deal event horizon. Soon there might be no escape.


The amazing thing about this cross-party vote to stop a no-deal Brexit: it was Labour led. Yeah, really.

The Labour MPs who voted against the (their own) motion:

Kevin Barron
Ronnie Campbell
Jim Fitzpatrick
Caroline Flint
Stephen Hepburn
Kate Hoey
John Mann
Graham Stringer

It is interesting to compare this situation, Labour MPs abstaining & voting against their own motion, and the recent expulsions of Labour members.

Most famously Alistair Campbell was expelled from the Labour party for suggesting, on social media, that people could/should vote for the LibDems.

It would be hypocritical to have expelled some Labour members and, at the same time, not take action against MPs who prevented the party's motion in parliament. We will see.

@fitheach The whole brexit thing is straying into the realms of farce. It seems like they'll do anything to avoid actually exiting.

The problem is no-deal is the default. Reaching an agreement requires positive action. That's not looking likely.

@fitheach If they want to avoid no deal then they have to decide something before October. The Conservative party is in meltdown. Corbyn has been dithering and the last I read he wanted a second referendum but I'm really not sure what the Labour position on brexit is now.

Labour are purposefully being ambiguous, so as not to lose either the Leavers or Remainers. That strategy can only work for so long before voters twig what is happening. That point may have been passed already.

@fitheach @bob we'll have a generla election and Corbyn will raise like phoenix from the ashes and finish this Brexit nonsense

@yukiame @fitheach I suppose they could keep stringing it out if the EU is willing to go along with that but it's possible that there will be no further extensions after October, especially if the government merely squandered the existing extension time.

If the next Conservative leader declares a no-deal exit before October - which is what I'm expecting - then that could maybe trigger a no confidence vote and a general election.

@fitheach @bob So, of course, they've lost both the Leavers and the Remainers. Sitting on the fence is uncomfortable if it's made out of barbed wire.

@fitheach why can't the conservative party expell one or more of their biggest Idiots

That might account for the majority of them.

@fitheach okey every Party chooses 3 of their biggest Idiots and expells them

You could make it a public spectacle, put them in stocks and pelt them with rotten fruit. 😉

Basil Brush was great. I used to have a tweed suit, just like his (a bit bigger maybe).

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