Unless Boris Johnson does something stupid (can't be discounted) he probably has the leadership in the bag.

Commissioned by The Telegraph, fieldwork by Comres.

Voting intentions for the various parties with different Conservative leaders:


May Cthulhu have mercy on our souls.

Boris? THAT Boris? Really? 🤢

@ParadeGrotesque @fitheach I’ll never understand what people like about Boris - he is obviously an incompetent liar.

He cultivates the lovable clown persona. Why people get taken in with that projection, I don't know.


@fitheach @ParadeGrotesque I guess “lovable clown” is a marked improvement over the “horror clown” type that seems to be favored by US conservatives.

The lovable part is the projection. The horror part might be real, just partially hidden.


@fitheach @tsturm

I am afraid Boris is just Donald T with slightly less incompetence and a posh Cambridge accent.

So, yeah, him as UK PM sucks rocks through a straw. To borrow a nice turn of phrases from across the pond.

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