You wait years for a King Robert movie, and then two come along at once...

Robert The Bruce (2019)

Starring Angus MacFadyen as Bruce, directed by Richard Gray.

Premiere in Edinburgh on June 23rd, general release in cinemas (Scotland) on the 28th.

@fitheach I just hope it's better than that Chris Pine one from a couple of years ago.

It has points for at least having a Scottish Robert the Bruce this time!

Ach, I've not seen Outlaw King as I don't subscribe to Netflix. It is on my list to watch.

What in particular about OK didn't you like?

@fitheach it wasn't terrible, it wasn't great. Chris Pine sounded very much like an American trying to speak like a Scot, badly.

Tbh, I don't recall much about it, which maybe says something.

When I saw the Outlaw King trailer I had recently seen the Chris Pine version of Star Trek. I couldn't dismiss the idea from my mind that it was Captain Kirk in 13th century Scotland.

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