My OH got a tick bite on the leg that has become infected. She now has a hand sized area that is swollen and red.

I've explained to her that in the movies this is usually dealt with using a hunting knife, which is first cleansed over an open fire. The patient is given a slug of whisky and a stick to bite on, as an alternative to anaesthetic during the operation. I can do this.

Inexplicably, she doesn't seem keen on my offer.

Doesn't it also need someone to suck the poison out.

I can do that, too. I will require slugs of the whisky, before and after.

@fitheach You need a better whisky in your drinks cabinet, obv.

I've got some excellent Laphroaig and Caol Ila currently. I also have a bottle of Grouse, which is usually for cooking, but could be for medicinal use.

@fitheach I hope it's not circular with sharp edges, if it is, get her tested for borrelia. All the best!

No, it isn't.
Thanks for the suggestion.
It is infected, and she has collected a prescription of antibiotic from the pharmacy this evening.

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