I was delighted to find a clump of these flowers near to the house.

Bugle - Glasair Choille - Ajuga reptans

Bugles are part of the Lamiaceae family, commonly known as Mint. That the Bugles are growing together isn't a surprise, as they spread using ground level runners. Unusually the leaves & stems on these Bugles are nearly hairless.

@fitheach I'm growing the purple variety in my forest garden border. Bees love Ajuga too.

Before posting I did an online search for bugles, and I was amazed at the number of garden outlets selling seeds. I had no idea they were so popular. Do you use them as ground cover?

The ones I photographed were quite small, 15cm max height. I guess cultivars might be taller.

@fitheach yes, I'm using it as ground cover and for bees. I have fruit bushes and trees in the border, so this helps with pollination and will help with reducing bare soil. I think it's the same height, c. 15cms

This is the purple one I'm growing. The border is only a couple of months old, so still lots of bare soil just now, but it's already taking over nicely. Probably too nicely, and I'll have plants to give away next year!

Oh boy! You can really see it spreading outwards, it'll be doing its job in no time. Looks really pretty when isolated like that.

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