Anyone got figures on the number of users & servers/instances for XMPP versus Matrix?

@fitheach It's impossible to say since both are self hostable and no one can say how many there are. For matrix list is at but the count needs to be taken with a heavy grain of salt - likely it is much larger.


Thanks for that. A nice long list of Matrix nodes. I see what you mean about big pinches of salt, the corresponding XMPP list only has two nodes:
That's quite some selection bias. 😉

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@fitheach well to be fair, the xmpp community hasn't provided a parser to scrape xmpp servers. Not intended to make xmpp look bad. Contributions welcome, would be happy to have a better list of xmpp servers 👍

Again, no criticism meant, I was meaning selection bias in a statistical sense.

There is a list of XMPP/Jabber nodes at:

I don't know how it is compiled.

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