Want to find your way from A to B?

You should try:

I've used it a couple of times today, and it was great.

* Uses OpenStreetMap data
* Service provided by HeiGIT
* Doesn't spy on you
* Maps look great
* Effective routes
* Share with friends
* Add your own tracks
* Export to GPX plus others
* Elevation profile

You can also go to C, D, E and many more. 😉


"What that? Who's there? Google? Is that you? I can just barely hear you now. Hello?"

Hmm. No search, no mail, no ads, no maps, no navigation. Guess poor old google is just down to sat images. Maybe...

"Say again goog. Say again..."

Well, they also have Android.

Do you use satellite images often?

I was just wondering. I've often looked at satellite images out of interest, but never had an actual use for them.


GIS normally uses stereo air photos, but sat imagery is also handy at times.

Here is some imagery I grabbed from ovi and drew our ski trails on for our local non-profit x-country ski club. Real version is in svg.

I use GIS on a weekly basis, usually for walking and cycling routes. I've never used satellite images. Scale isn't useful and they don't add much info (for me). Contour lines, and such like, are much more useful.

@fitheach I use OsmAnd~ available for free on F-Droid :)


Is all of OsmAnd Free software? They have a subscription service which: "allows you to get full access to every possible OsmAnd feature". That kind of suggests the Free version is feature limited.

@fitheach the paid version on google play is the full one. This version is the only one available for free on f-froid :flan_thumbs:

I thought that was probably the case.

Does OsmAnd, from f-droid, want access to any of your data?

@fitheach it wants camera, location, microphone and storage access. (I don't know why mic and camera though o_O, I've blocked both of them) @solene

@daniel_bohrer @fitheach I don't know, I'm not a developer of that app.

Some plugins allow making vocal notes and also take pictures to help creating a google street view like service ( Idon't remember the name of the openstreet map equivalent).

@solene @daniel_bohrer @fitheach Mapillary ( ) and OpenStreetCam ( ) are the 2 “open content” street level imagery services that help #OpenStreetMap.

I don't think the #OSMAnd camera app is for that (both have their own apps), but it's for taking a georeferenced photo so that you can add data to #OSM yourself later. It doesn't upload the image(s) anyway.

@rory @fitheach

Love the openroute service - which ios app would be a good one to import the exported track data?

Ah, I wasn't meaning "read the code".😉 Usually when you install the apps they ask you for permission to acess microphone, camera, GPS etc.


@fitheach @solene I've blocked both camera and mic, and during normal use without plugins OsmAnd never asked for it to be activated, so I guess it's okay.

@fitheach I want to like this geocoder, but its formatting addresses really oddly (eg: 2318 E Cherry St, Seattle, WA, 98122, USA is formatted as East Cherry Street 2318, 98122, Central Area, Seattle, King County, Washington, United States) and I can't view the routing after entering in two addresses in Firefox for Android.

One other nit, is there any way to set the starting addess as your current GPS location?

I've spent years (on and off) coding stuff for addresses and munging address databases, and it is always hard work. There are dozens of ways of formatting addresses.

The developers are keen to help, try asking them:

@fitheach Cool stuff!
Looks like they need to update their OSM data though
That routing won't work... (ORS vs. OSM)

I think they made a new release today. It might be worth trying again.

If it still doesn't work try asking the developers:

@fitheach Pretty cool service it seems. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for this. Do you know of any similar service which also incorporates public transportation information?

Sorry, no. This service has worked for me when I needed to travel by car or foot. Not had the requirement for public transport info.

You could try asking the folk at OpenStreetMap if they know.


Always curious why navigation software adds 20km to the trip? Is gas that cheap?

In time it saves 1 minute......

Bugs happen.
The routing will be based on algorithms, they won't always be perfect.

Did this happen because you selected fastest rather shortest roue?


no, i just drove it that way because i am familiar with this part.

Google Maps, Here, TomTom are making the same mistake.

@fitheach Main disavantage: i have an error message when i try to calculate too long toll-free routes: «Code 2004: Request parameters exceed the server configuration limits. By dynamic weighting, the approximated distance of a route segment must not be greater than 300000.0 meters». As far as i know, it will be corrected this august.


Wow, really great!
I have use so far and always wondered if there wasn't a nicer interface - now here it is, thanks a lot!

(What would be even nicer: if public transport options (train, bus...) would also be integrated)


A tough one to crack, and you need resources to keep that information up to date. I bet Google spend a lot of money doing it.

@fitheach Hmm. Whenever I use OSM-based services, finding places gets harder immediately, even with very simple queries (see attached examples). Looking for a train station in Berlin, ORS either sends me in the US or literally somewhere in the district. Google on the other hand ... instantly gets me.

I'm not sure if I can contribute to the search results, but normal users will pretty much always fall back to the solutions that work instantly. :-/

It is true (most) users will try a service and if they don't get immediate satisfaction will move off elsewhere. Human nature, I'm afraid.

OSM are always looking for people to help improve the data:

@fitheach the search failed pretty badly for me; try 'Manchester Piccadilly' - the search results are useless for it even though I can see it on the map; similarly Heaton park

I entered "piccadilly" and it was the first on the list. "Piccadilly, Manchester" also worked. Entering "Manchester, Piccadilly" didn't work. Funny, huh!

@fitheach @iona this is the site I was going to mention yesterday, but it doesn't work when you click on avoid highways (motorways) for a similar journey from the South to the North (apparently something is overloaded). This could be because both fast A-roads and motorways are being classed as "highways" by the algorithm.

Otherwise its a fairly decent route planning/mapping site..

Not a problem I have here, there is either a road or there isn't one. No motorways or dual carriageways.

You should let the team know about the issue, they may not be aware of it:


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