The dark vertical lines (shadows of the surrounding trees) bother me a little. However, cutting down the trees would have been a bit extreme just for the sake of the photo. 😃

@fitheach now you point it out, it reminds me of a problem we had at the company I worked at. We had pretty slow shutter cameras, in essence (it was a laser scanner), and when we taken a picture with the light on, we would see over- and under-exposed bands. Turns out it was the same frequency as the fluorescent lighting in the lab.

That was quite a coincidence that they were both on the same frequency.

What was it? Something like 60Hz 1/60th?

@fitheach oh, no coincidence with frequency. It's about a quarter second scan, so you'd see a number of light and dark bands as the lights came up and down.

Ah, got you. Was it one of those really old digital backs that scanned the scene.

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