I spent a good part of yesterday migrating several databases to the latest version. They are now all using PostgreSQL 11.x

I started using Postgres with the 7.x series, and have used it almost exclusively as my DB of choice ever since. I've always found Postgres to be utterly reliable, and working with it is always a pleasure. Super documentation, too.

A big thank you to all the folk who make Postgres such a great DB.

@fitheach it's definitely one of the crowning jewels of the #FOSS world's efforts, fairly peerless on every level.

Yup, DBs aren't the sexy end of the FLOSS universe, but they sure are essential. Postgres, I think, doesn't aim to be flashy or instantly provide the latest features. Postgres has always been about being dependable, and as a long term strategy this has worked for them.

@fitheach At one point I joined the team doing Oracle intro courses at the office. Later, we started using Postgres and I started asking around for stuff to add to the course: Like, installer problems? Performance snafus? Typical tuning issues? Known bugs? And I got no answers... That's when I knew that we would all be moving our projects to Postgres, eventually!

Back in the 7.x days people used to claim that MySQL was much faster than Postgres. It might have been. My view at the time was that Postgres was more robust, and that had more value to me and my clients. If I needed more performance I could always tweak the hardware.

@fitheach I've have used Oracle, MySQL, Ingres but never Postgres. I hear good things about it and nore a lot of the small startups that my lad is applying to almost use it as the RDBMS of choice.

I would have thought for a man in your position even mentioning other DBs would be a disciplinary offence.

@fitheach There was a corporate saying (or myth) 'The database (i.e. Oracle) is king and those who work on it are kings' that I often repeat.

However Oracle are much more enlightened than previously. SQL Developer can connect to Postgres, SQL Server etc. They even have teams dedicated to DB Gateways and Interoperability.

See also the recent Cloud/Azure (cough) announcement 🙂

@fitheach To clarify, I use that Oracle quote when I am frustrated or annoyed with something Oracle database related or those who work on it :-)

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