I just love these old MacBraynes' busses. The design, the lines and the colour schemes are great. Modern busses in comparison look boring.

MacBraynes were an institution in the & Islands, operating bus, lorry & ferry services across the whole region.

The company was merged with the Caledonian Steam Packet Co., and the two became known as Caledonian MacBrayne, or CalMac for short.

Photos from the late 1950s & 60s.

The first photo shows a MacBraynes bus on Station Brae, Fort William. This is a great example of integrated transport in the mid-20th century, which doesn't exist now. The train station to the bottom right (castellated building), the pier straight ahead and the bus station (out of photo) to the left. Each within "spitting distance" of the other.

The second and third photos show the marvellous art deco style bus station with some more busses.

There is only a small passenger ferry going across Loch Linnhe.

It wasn't a CalMac ferry at Fort William pier. It was a "steamer" that went to fro from Oban called the TS King George V.

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